We believe the LITTLE THINGS in life matter

We believe life's most precious memories are made up of small moments and fragrance enables us the unique opportunity to recreate these memories.

"It's the little things in life that really count and we help you capture those through fragrance." Tiffany, Founder

OUR STORY- building a dream

We at Britten & Bailey’s hope that our fragrances will become a part of your most cherished memories as they have ours. Whether it is a homecoming, Christmas morning or just cozying up on the couch, we will be there filling your space with bright, warm and exciting new fragrances for many years and memories to come.
The Brand-What is the Name about?
Britten & Bailey’s is an Oklahoma based fragrance company that began with one young couple, two dogs and deep passion for fine fragrance.
Britten & Bailey’s is named after two fearless beagles. Much like Heath and Tiffany, the pups were inseparable, always embarking on new adventures, climbing trees and chasing squirrels. Their fearless personalities were the inspiration for the leap of faith that Heath and Tiffany took in deciding to make Tiffany’s dream come true of starting her own fragrance line. After their passing it only seemed appropriate to name the company after the two most fearless and inspirational pups around.
In their honor we at Britten & Bailey’s vow to always take risks and have a blast doing it, minus the squirrels of course.
Britten the beagle, one of the inspirations for our name The Story behind the Britten & Bailey's brand. Bailey the beagle, one of the inspirations for our name 
 In Loving Memory of Britten & Bailey


Tiffany, founder and our fragrance guru, emerged in the candle industry over a decade ago.

She became a candle expert through her role as home fragrance buyer for a major retailer developing candles for more than 800 stores all over the U.S. She immediately fell in love with fine fragrance and began to dream of a line all her own.

In 2018 she left her job, sold everything-including their dream home- and began building her dream fragrance company.

Britten & Bailey’s is a delicate combination of luxury, quality and a passion for life's most precious memories.

"The smell of honeysuckle transports me to fairy tale memories spent in my grandparent's backyard as a child. These precious fragrance memories are why Britten & Bailey's was established."


Tiffany the founder of Britten & Bailey's
Heath CoFounder and COO

Heath is the business arm of Britten & Bailey’s. His vision of the brand’s growth and future has been a key component behind it’s success. With his years of business expertise and knowledge, he plays a vital role in business planning and development. 

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