How it Works

The Britten & Bailey’s subscription includes luxurious candles delivered to your door each month. No commitments you can skip a month or cancel your subscription at any time without penalty.

Britten and Bailey's Subscription is easy, sign up, get your package and enjoy the convenience of candles delivered
Simply decide which of our subscription options is right for you.
All subscriptions ship for FREE on or before the 15th of every month (please allow time for your shipment to arrive, although we know it is hard to wait). 
 Subscription terms for more details 
Once your package arrives, prepare to enjoy the most luxurious fragrances!
 We have spent countless hours selecting exclusive fragrances that can only be found at Britten & Bailey's. The variety we offer allows you to experience many different types of scents. Some of which you might never have selected, but will fall in love with as they fill your home. Burning a candle allows the rich deep fragrance notes to fill your space and it evolves over time. 

Each month you will receive two candles hand-selected by our fragrance experts, unveiling scent combinations you may not be familiar with. When you find a favorite you can purchase it again in the shop, just remember the fragrance number and visit our website.