About Us

Our Mission

Britten and Bailey’s mission is to create luxurious, high-quality candles that introduce you to new fragrances at an affordable price.
We believe high-end candles shouldn’t break the bank. Britten & Bailey’s is dedicated to putting quality and affordability before the bottom line.


Our Story

Britten & Bailey's FamilyBritten & Bailey’s was founded by Tiffany and Heath Webb. After years of working in the retail industry producing candles for stores all over the United States, Tiffany decided to start her own company. With a love for fine fragrance and broad knowledge of the candle industry, she launched Britten & Bailey’s. Tiffany has become an expert in the industry, developing exclusive fragrances that can only be found at Britten & Bailey’s.

Heath is the business arm of Britten & Bailey’s. His vision for the brand’s growth has been a key component behind its successful launch. His business knowledge and experience compliment Tiffany’s creative mind and knowledge of the candle industry.

“Fragrance transforms a space and has the amazing ability to capture and recreate memories! When I was a child, we had this beautiful magnolia tree in our backyard. I remember so many summer days spent playing alongside the beautiful smell of magnolia blooms. I would love for a Britten & Bailey’s fragrance to be a part of my customers’ most cherished memories.” - Tiffany Webb, owner of Britten & Bailey’s


The Brand: Britten & Bailey’s

When Heath and Tiffany were first married they had two beagles, Britten and Bailey. One dog was a rescue and the other they adopted just before getting married.

The pair was inseparable, teaming up to chase squirrels, climb trees and go on wild adventures. Their fearlessly wild spirit and relentless pursuit of adventure fits perfectly with the passion the Webb’s have for the candle industry – thus the creation of Britten & Bailey’s candles.

The Story behind the Britten & Bailey's brand.