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Britten & Bailey's No 10 two wick jar candle Jasmine, muget and cedarwood

Jasmine, Muget & Cedarwood 14.25 oz Two Wick Jar Candle

What Makes Our Products Special?


Our coconut wax blend candles are hand-poured with the very best fragrance in the industry. Our wax blend is odorless, which means we don’t have to use anything to cover the wax’s base odor (less additives) and it burns longer than other wax bases. The coconut wax blend we use in our jars is vegan. We use natural wicks that never include lead. 

We optimize every candle system (wick, fragrance, vessel and wax) for the best burn possible to ensure the safety of use as well as the quality of the candle you are receiving. This also means that every system is scientifically designed to perform optimally when burned correctly as directed. Our candles perform beautifully and fill your space with lovely fragrance.

4.6 oz tin candles are recommended for bathrooms, bedrooms and kitchens.

14.25 oz two wick jar candles are recommended for larger spaces, open floor plan spaces, large living rooms and offices.  


  • Concentrated, high-quality Fragrance oil
  • Oil Volume 5 ml fluid ounces
  • Product life 30-45 days
  • Flip the reeds every week for added life (or as often as you like)
  • Flameless/wickless fragrance option

Room/Linen Spray:

  • 4 oz highly fragranced room/linen spray
  • Fill your space with beautiful fragrance
  • Concentrated high-quality Fragrance oil 
  • Perfect for refreshing a room, linens and vehicles

Fragrances and Materials:

Our fragrances meet and exceed safety recommendations for the United States. We work tirelessly to make sure that we provide the safest possible fragrance options for our customers. 

Each of our fragrances are exclusive to our brand and developed by our Founder and a Master Perfumer who is an expert in their field. Continuously offering excellence and uniquely beautiful fragrances is our passion. We use both essential oils and synthetic oils to develop safe and beautiful scents. 


      Fragrance No 10: Be whisked away with a breeze of crisp bergamot, nuances of green fields, blooming jasmine and Muget alongside warm cedarwood.


      This two wick jar candle is made with sustainable, clean burning coconut/apricot wax blend and hand poured in the United States using our exclusively curated fragrances. It is perfect for larger rooms, open floor plans and more fragrance to fill your space. 


      Get the most of your candle by following these tips:

      • During each candle use, it is recommended to burn the candle long enough to liquefy the entire top layer of wax(which can take a while). Allowing the candle to liquefy from edge-to-edge will keep the opening wide and prevent tunneling.
      • Trim candle wicks to 1/4" before each use. This will help prevent soot and extend the life of the candle. Do not drop matches or other flammable items into the candle and keep wax clear of debris.
      • Keep candles away from curtains or anything that could ignite. Keep in mind that curtains and other objects can move and encounter a burning flame (when in a draft or air-conditioned space). Do not burn candles in a drafted space.
      • Always keep candles in sight when in use and keep away from children and pets.
      • Never move a burning candle. Allow the candle to completely cool and wax to solidify before moving. The candle, container and/or wax can become extremely hot when in use.
      • Use a candle plate (heat resistant) to protect surfaces. Never put a candle directly on a surface that is flammable or could be damaged by heat or oil.
      • If the candle wick develops a mushroom-shaped tip, extinguish the candle using the lid (if possible), allow the candle to completely cool and remove the tip by pinching between your fingers using a tissue. This will ensure your candle burns evenly and prevents excess wick debris from falling into the candle.
      • If your candle has a lid, always store it with the lid on. It helps keep the fragrance in the wax. Leaving a lid off of a candle allows the fragrance to diffuse and the next time you burn it the strength will be weaker.

      For more candle safety tips, please visit the National Candle Association’s website at